How we work

Our aim

Our aim is to transfer our knowledge and practical expertise on public financial management in a sustainable way. In mid- and long-term projects we not only try to transfer our knowledge, but also use capacity building methods such as train-the-trainer, assist in writing laws and regulations, form communities of learning on specific subjects, make manuals for these communities and focus on the soft skills needed – for instance by simulating the practice of the budget negotiations.

Our activities

Our activities are all demand driven, which means we only perform when our counterparts have a concrete need on know-how or want us to assist in public finance reforms they face. When our expertise and capacity match with the request and our pool of trainers, we can look further on how to cooperate.

A major part of our activities are canalized by two Dutch institutions: the International Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Finance and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.