About us

About us

The National Academy for Finance and Economics

The National Academy for Finance and Economics is the Netherlands state training institute for the civil service in the field of public finance, audit and economics. The Academy is an integral part of the Budget Directorate of the Ministry of Finance for over twenty years.


Since 2001, the National Academy has started to expand internationally and has accepted a growing number of technical assistance requests from abroad.Most commonly, the academy assist foreign institutions with the introduction and implementation of public finance reforms. Services offered by the National Academy are tailor-made, up-to-date and practice oriented. We also offer trainings on a regular basis, such as the Summer Course  and Shiraka Public Financial Management Programme.


Our Experts have full-time jobs in the field of public finance within the Dutch central government. This means that they are always familiar with the latest developments in their field based on their daily work

Best Practice

The Netherlands public financial management is an internationally recognized best practice. The National Academy is instrumental in advancing and diffusing these best practices to other institutions, whilst learning from our counterparts in other countries. We have an eye for the country specific challenges and frames of reference our counterparts and participants are facing.