Kick-off EU-twinning project with Parliament of Republic of Georgia

On October 4 2022, the official kick-off event of our Twinning project took place. In this project, ‘Strenghtening Parliamentary Oversight in Public Finances’, the National Academy of Finance and Economics of the ministry of Finance and the Parliament of the Netherlands work together with the Parliamentary Budget Office and with the Budget and Finance Committee of the Georgian Parliament. The next two years Dutch colleagues join forces with Georgian colleagues in this project, aiming at further strengthening of the oversight function of Parliament. 

In the kick-off event speeches were delivered by a variety of speakers, among them representatives of the Georgian and the Netherlands' Parliament, and the ambassadors of the European Union and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi. The chair of the Dutch committee of Public Expenditures, Joost Sneller, gave a speech by means of a video connection with The Hague, underlining the support of Dutch Parliament to the project.


The overall objective of this twinning project is to strengthen fiscal governance through enhanced budgetary frameworks, external audit, independent monitoring as well as participation and oversight of public finances. 

The specific objective of the project is to strengthen parliamentary oversight in public finances in Georgia; with the priority of enhancing independence and institutional capacities of the Parliamentary Budget Office, increasing the efficiency of the cooperation of the Budget and Finance committee with relevant institutions and other parliamentary entities, as well as civil society.