Our Operational Management Trainings

Operational management is a broad discipline. An operational manager will have to gain knowledge on several fields in order to give advice from different perspectives. The National Academy finds it important that advisors in the field of operational management have a broad orientation. We therefore offer a broad range of trainings: public procurement, ICT, purchase of goods and services, contract management, data-analysis and some general operational management trainings. Below two examples of trainings are explained.

Masterclass operational management

In cooperation with academies on other fields within Dutch government, the universities and consultants the National Academy offers a masterclass operational management. This masterclass aims to inspire managers in order to make relevant decisions in their current and future operational management of their organization. Some top speakers will lead the participants to the actualities and future of operational management. The masterclass is held four afternoons.

Purchase of ICT

The Dutch central government yearly purchases ICT-supplies for a large amount. The rules for the purchase and procurement are not always very clear for government purchasers. And how can you guarantee integrity when you are in contact with market parties. In this training we aim to professionalize the purchase and public procurements officials. The duration is 1 day.