Our programme for Dutch government officials


The international activities of the National Academy are only a limited part of the total. The primary function of the National Academy is to organize trainings and conferences for Dutch government officials in the field of Public Financial Management, Audit, Economics and Operational Management. In total about 50 persons work for the National Academy, comprising of the head of the Academy, heads of programmes, project managers, project advisors, project supporters and facility managers.

Programme Board and Advice Council

The National Academy also has two Programme Boards and an Advice Council. The aim of the participants of these bodies is to guarantee a high quality of our work. The Boards consist of stakeholders and experts from the field. They work in different ministries and organisations. The council consists of clients and experts with extended experience that have a profound experience and engagement with the National Academy. They give strategic advice to the management of the National Academy on the quality of the trainings, the programme, the organization and its financial health. The former minister of Finance, Mr Gerrit Zalm, is chair of this council.

The by-us for-us principle

The National Academy aims to mobilize the best experts from the work field. They are our added value and strength. They know the recent developments in their work field and how to teach this to other civil servants. Because they come from the work field themselves, they know the dilemmas, opportunities and challenges one faces in the financial function within government.